Disconnect old gas stove and move gas pipe +/- 1m - Plumbing job in Sutton, Surrey

Job description

As above , the old stove will be disconnected and the pipe moved about a metre and fit to a new gas hob .May have to be done in 2 parts as the new hob wont be cut out the same day as the removal.

I also have hot and cold feed to be moved along the kitchen with waste 2 m to the left and a point for dishwasher , washer and sink /taps plumbed in.There will be almost a bare kitchen to work in .

This wil have to be done on the 6th April and connect the hop up a day or 2 later.Thankyou



Dan has done a great job and was very punctual .He even did extra work for a very good price.He works quickly and efficiently and Offers friendly advice .I will use Dan for all my plumbing needs from now on.