Fit french doors - Windows job in Stoke On Trent, Staffordshire

Job description

- Remove existing PVC window (1790 x 1530).

- Remove brickwork directly below existing window, and make good. Lintel above window is sound so there's nothing structural to worry about.

- Fit French Doors (1790mm wide Wickes uPVC, see link below). Reviews on the Wickes web site say this is an easy job.

The room will be being plastered afterwards so you needn't worry about making a mess of the interior walls, as long as a good job is made of fitting the doors.

I'll be around to help lifting/carrying/making tea.

Please get in touch if you want more detail, or to come and view the job.

Doors to be fitted:



Karl made the effort to come and view and discuss the job first. He turned up on time and worked hard throughout the day. Had a few minor issues (my fault not his) during the job, but resolved these pretty well and I'm happy with the quality of work done. I'd definitely ask Karl to quote for future work.