Barn conversion - Restoration & Refurbishment job in Llanelli, Dyfed

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    Restoration & Refurbishment
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    3408 days ago by stuart37
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Job description

A structually sound barn to be converted. Existing concrete tile roof to be replaced/strenghened depending on structual engineer with slate. Existing concrete slab to be excavated and replaced with a level concrete sslab,dpm and insulation.New single storey extension to be built, size 3.5 x 5.725 metres, 2 new openings formed on gable end for french doors.Timber first floor to be constructed. Also looking for all electrical and plumbing to be undertaken, size of barn 5 metres x 13 metres approx


Feedback for james turvey

We hired James Turvey to do our barn conversion. I found he had lied to us, a barn he said he had completely done, he had done a fraction of the work. He had also lied about quotes id been given.
A timber frame garage he had built had to be taken down due to it being dangerous and totally unsafe the building inspector took a look at it and in his opinion it needed removal ASAP, this was when myself and James Turvey agreed he should leave site.. A new carpenter was to start plasterboarding next, but it took him 2 weeks to put right the mistakes J Turvey had made, this has cost me thousands to which he will not pay back any of the money i had paid to him for doing these jobs, he will not even take any calls off us.
He has put me at least a month behind shedule, cost me thousands of pounds in the extra work required to be done, not to mention the upset and stress he has caused us.
We are leaving this feedback to let people know the way he works and the substandard work he does.