1 room to be replastered asap - Plastering job in Edinburgh, Midlothian

Job description

We've stripped the old woodchip wallpaper off our bedroom walls and now want to get them fixed up and replastered so we can paint them. Preferably as soon as possible. How much would this cost and how long would it take?

Wall sizes are as follows: Wall1: 3m tall x 4m wide Wall2: 3m tall x 3.5m wide Wall3: 3m tall x 4m wide but minus doorframe measuring 2m x 1m Wall4: 3m tall x 3.5m wide but minus window frame measuring 2.85m x 1.6m

There's also a radiator on one of the walls - if you could remove and replace it as necessary that would be good, but if you can't we can try to do that ourselves.


Feedback for Edinburgh Plasterworks

Edinburgh Plasterworks gave us a competitive quote for replastering bedroom walls in a short timeframe, and were happy to slightly move around the days to fit our requirements. Simon, Josh and Linda were all very polite and attentive, and the job was carried out to a good standard. Simon and Josh were happy to talk us through the steps of what they were doing, and also give us tips on other bits of DIY we were doing. They also filled in a couple of additional cracks for free, including some work in the communal staircase! Thanks very much.