New combi-boiler, radiators, toilet, basin - Plumbing job in York, North Yorkshire

Job description

Hi, thanks for taking the time to read this.

We are a recently-married couple who have just bought our first house, a 2/3-bed semi in York, and are looking to install a new central heating system as well as a couple of other things.

Unfortunately, our budget is very tight and we would also like to have the work done in the April 1-April 10 window before we move in.

The house currently has a separate boiler and hot water heater, installed I would imagine in the early 70s. The hot water heater is a Brittany 2T, located in the upstairs bathroom. The cental heating boiler, a Wickes 45F, is wall-mounted above the downstairs WC. Photographs of both are attached. The upstairs bathroom is directly above the downstairs WC. As well as replacing the two units with a combi-boiler (to be located downstairs), we would like to replace the toilet and to install a new mini-size hand basin mounted on the wall. As things stand, the pipework is hidden behind a loose-hanging sheet of painted chipboard. Where possible, we'd like things to remain out of sight once the work is completed, but it doesn't need to be particularly beautiful...

We are looking for an all-in price that covers all of the above. The property will be vacant for the period above, although we might be around doing some painting.

* The following information was added Saturday, 14th March, 2009 :
There are a total of eight radiators currently in the house - five downstairs, three up - varying sizes, none curved or complicated.


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Very happy with the price and the work done. Thanks Darren.