Clean and insulate loft space - Insulation job in Bracknell, Berkshire

Job description

Loft space approx 40sqm.

Old insulation to be removed and disposed Hoover out debris Scrap wood to be removed Insulation to be laid to 270mm across area


Feedback for Elite Roofing

In a day and age where the demand outstrips the supply of tradesmen it is truly refreshing when the values of reputation, workmanship and customer satisfaction outweigh that of the coin.
Ernie, his partner Al and the boys not only cleaned/Insulated and boarded my horrendous loft into workable storage but gave my 80 year old Clay roof an entire overhaul assessed word for word and better than the Full Structural Survey carried out before the purchase. Works performed included Cementing/Tiles/Guttering and replacing Ridges.
Ernie priced it up on the spot and to be honest I thought I was being stupid commissioning straight away but working out the figures later on days worked, men and materials it was a very very competitive price. Ernie is a fire from the hip bloke and is brutely upfront and honest. Great in my book; no bull.
The facias were not in my original budget but Ernie knew it would set the roof off nicely so the work was priced less than HALF of Anglian or any other big local firm like Thames Valley Windows just to see it done!
Over 10-days Always on-time, Clean and tidy, delivered to price, resourced the job adequately and grafted like mad men.
Remarkable pro outfit that without doubt have got the contract to nurse my roof in its ripe age. I will be quite happy in providing a further reference for Elite roofing if required. Please message or get my contact number from Ernie.