Simple single storey extension - Architecture job in Weston Super Mare, Avon

Job description

After being let down and also quoted a ridiculous amount I've come back to My Builder to post another job. Single storey extension under permitted development to replace current conservatory. Need building regs drawings to proceed with our plans and show shortlisted builders. Thank you.


Feedback for Home Planning SW

Started off great,ended up bad! I’d say avoid but I think it’s now obvious they’re hiding & ignoring everyone! Going to go through the process to get some money back(plus the extra I’ve had to pay out) they've not carried the job out from start to finish as stated & manage any problems that may come up before or during the build.Surprisingly but luckily our local planning department have been very helpful in guiding me through a couple of the issues but there is one they can’t help with & will now have to pay another architect! Also had to spend a fair amount on having a SAP calculation done that we knew nothing about. Due to the amount of glazing planned in the extension I’ve been told that any architect would have known that there may be an issue with this & that modifications may have to be made for plans to be approved-but I wasn’t told a thing! I think we’ve been lucky in the sense it’s a permitted development so didn’t need planning permission (but i did go through pre planning approval,no cost) I dread to think what issues we could be having like others have had, especially with bigger projects. It’s sad really as Steven actually came across as a decent bloke to begin with.He was aware of how unwell my partner is(she was also admitted into hospital for 2months whilst going through the proposed drawings etc!) I think a bit of upfront honesty wouldn’t have gone a miss. I would have respected him for it but instead he's chosen to bury his head in the sand & ignore people