Move one socket/ and install one security light - Electrical job in Sidcup, Kent

Job description

I have two small jobs.

We haveone electrical socket that is near a sink which is a hazard. The socket is placed on the wall and not on the skirting board as some may have. We would like to move the socket further down by 1.8m. So electricain will need to provide the extension wire/plaster etc that is needed to place the socket further down.

The second job needed to be done is an installation of a security light in my garden. We originally had a security light but because we had a conservatory installed, the light was removed. We're not sure if the light line remains. It may be possible,the line exists. We have the security light,so again, all the electrician needs to do is install the light. And if there is no install the line for the light.


Would like a quote.


Feedback for Electro Sparks

Installed a security light and moved a socket.Did the job fantastically! Trevor was a hardworking,patient,punctual worker. Don't hesitate to hire this guy,I highly recommend him. Did the job at a good price. Thankyou.