Upgrade fusebox, check wiring and add sockets - Electrical job in Stonehaven, Kincardineshire

Job description

Old style fuse box needs to be upgraded, wiring checked, and additional sockets installed (approx. 12-15 between several rooms, 4 at elevated height to hide behind TVs if possible).

Looking for rough prices at this stage as I don't currently have keys to the property. Looking to commence work last week in November.


Feedback for sr electrical

Beware. Very poor all round; job incomplete - unfortunately I paid before completing (no cert provided either) and he hasn't been back since so I've needed to pay twice now. Couldn't keep appointments, now just refuses to answer calls or messages. Going to have to go the long way around to attempt to get some of my money back (perfectly happy to pay, just not for incomplete work). I was willing to put up with the messy work considering the "deal", but I now have stupid things like double switches in rooms with one light and disconnected exterior lights. The main problems though are the mess in my attic space (old light cables pulled through joists, new ones lying over the top so I can't lay the boards again), and committed to installing a bathroom fan even though he doesn't have the tool required and couldn't borrow one from a "mate".

Fully admits to the above and the rest of the incomplete work, I have the text messages.

Lesson learned, but it turns out I'm not the first so beware. There are a few comments on his Facebook page to this effect. There are better guys in the area.

sr electrical's reply:

I would like to add that this situation is in process of being sorted, and will soon be rectified as agreement met by customer and myself,