Moving a radiator, removing a second - Central Heating job in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire

Job description

We have 2 radiators in our living room, the pipework for both come down through the ceiling in plastic conduit, then run above the skirting board to the radiators.

I need to move one of the radiators to an adjacent wall. I will pre-mount the rad in poisition but need the pipe work re-routing to the new location. Its no more than a few feet and just requires the existing run to be twisted by 90 degrees.

The second radiator needs removing. I have lifted the floorboards in the room above, and the feed and return pipes just need cutting and capping. As the work is under the floorboards I didnt want to risk doing it myself and causing a slow leak.

I dont think this is a big job, so would be greatful for anyone who could help/quote.



Feedback for 19 plumbing and heating

Absolutely brilliant. Arrived on time to give a quote. The work needed had increased since I originally posted the job but this wasn't a problem. Did the work there and then, even rescheduling later jobs to fit me in.

The work undertaken was faultless and neat. Glad I have found a local, reliable and friendly contact and will be using for all future work.