Find leak and repair roof /make roof good - Roofing job in Staines, Middlesex

Job description

annoying leak, needs a roof expert to en sure problem does not come back one leak is definatley from roof, the other in separate area maybe from shower ? !


Feedback for j.todd building &roofing

Mr Todd quoted for a days work and assured me he knew where the leak was from. We agreed a price of £325 for parts and
labour. Mr Todd arrived and was there for about 1hour 45 minutes. The leak came back as soon as it rained, no difference after his work. I queried that he stated he would be there the whole day, but he said he needed to get the materials.
i advised him the leak was not fixed and he said he would take a look, he never showed up, rearranged time but did not show up again the next day.