Remove garden and pave the front drive + new porch - Driveways (Paved & Loose Surface) job in Orpington, Kent

Job description

Thanks for your interest, we are seeking two quotes including all materials and clearing all rubbish.

Front Drive:

  1. The first part of the job is to remove the existing paving and mini garden/bush and level it. This is 8.9m Length x 2m width x 0.2m depth.
  2. Red brick paving then needs to be applied, in the same manner as the current paving (where the car is parked in the diagram). If it is cheaper to remove the existing paving then please suggest this and we will go for that.
  3. A new wall next to the front garden then needs to be built to provide a clean finish.

Front Porch:

  1. The existing porch is to be rebuilt or extended out so it becomes in line with the bay windows. This is approximately 1m.
  2. New doors (most likely PVC) and windows to be built for the new porch.
  3. As this will extend out where the current steps are, new steps will need to be built against the new front drive.

Ideally if the job can be completed by the 7th October, 2016 that would be preferable but we are more interested in finding local(ish) qualified tradespeople where we can visit existing work done.

Available during the day on Thursday 15th and morning Friday 16th for viewings.


Feedback for Check@Pave Ltd

Fred and his team did a great job on my driveway. It has been complimented upon a number of times already. Fred is an interesting character, he is so enthusiastic about driveways it is infectious. His knowledge on driveways and price make him well worth talking to.