Hot water tank element - Plumbing job in Bristol, Avon

Job description

The top up element of my hot water tank is no longer heating the water sufficiently.

The water barely gets above tepid after the elements been on for a couple of hours.

The main element of my tank does not work at all, and so I've been using just the top-up element.

Have already checked the thermostat on the element but it's still set high (over 60).

Looking for someone to come round asap (am having to use the kettle at the moment!).

Thanks, David.


Feedback for C.Agar Plumbing Services

Very pleased with the work done replacing 2 hot water tank elements. Quote was not altered even though time taken was longer due to waiting for a a very large tank to drain. Professional service and given plenty of advice. Would consider using again and definitely recommend.