Changes in a new house / refurbishment - Restoration & Refurbishment job in Glasgow, Lanarkshire

Job description


I would like you to pay a visit in order to give us a quote for some changes that we wish to do in our house. It is a new four years house but we would like to open some space by removing a wall between the living room and hallway, removing existing flooring in living room (laminate) and put tiles same with the hallway as it is going to be the same room after the wall removed, add marble tiles around the fireplace and changing the stairs (take off the carpet, put tiles and change the banister. We also want to remove a small wall between the dining room and the utility room. Can you please contact us to arrange a meeting for a quote?

Thank you Maria / Craig


Feedback for GK Builders

Kris & Gregor contact us with professionalism and when they came to our house they continued providing a professional approach to all matters in change. They are smart and have the expertise needed to do the job which is the perfect combination to have excellent results. They looked carefully all areas that they need to work on, they examined all wiring, piping etc carefully and they provided very satisfactory answers and opinions to all subjects. The work is still in progress but I felt confident with them from the beginning due to their professionalism and their quotation allowed us to hire them since they provided reasonable prices for the whole project.