Building regs - Architecture job in South Ealing, West London

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    South Ealing
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    845 days ago by dam79
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Job description

We require building regs to satisfy building control. Extension falls under PD.


Feedback for Bischell

Met with the bischell team to discuss building regs we needed for one property and planning for another which was a loft conversion and rear extension. These initial discussion were extremely enlightening and they suggested a layout we hadn't considered which involved around not relying on support columns.

We had discussion with a few other firms prior which were giving ok but non inspiring ideas. Our home has a weird configuration in places, and tight angles and we were resigned to having to go with something not entirely ideal. We were excited that the designers at bischell could find something else more open plan that worked perfectly for us and by having engineers on staff we were able to explore these options in terms of feasibility at the start rather than later. They are a very creative team with a very apparent interest in delivering something that we would love rather than a paint by numbers approach. It was a very enjoyable and insightful experience to work with them for sure, and I am very happy to recommend.