Installation of a new kitchen. - Kitchen Fitting job in Middle Park, South London

Job description

Installation of a new kitchen form Homebase. The size of the kitchen is 21 units.


Feedback for MJ Building

Martin plastered my lounge. Quality was ok, we had to sand to bring to a reasonable finish. A week after we started painting and plaster started peeling off in sheets. Apparently he had cut corners by plastering over old wallpaper, despite agreement that he would remove it. He came back to redo 2 walls. I asked him to check whether rest of the walls were OK, as we did not finish the painting. He reassured me that everything was checked and the rest is good. Next day we started painting and guess what, the plaster was coming off. I called him again, he said he will come “the last time” and finish the job. He never came back and ignored my calls. Horrible job I had to pay to get redone. Also overestimated materials which I had to pay for. I was left with 4 bags of plaster and 8 meters of coving, which I could not return. Also a very dirty worker, did not clean properly after himself and left dirty plaster footprints on my new paving. Find someone else if you want the job done properly.