Dunfermline house rewire and upgrade - Electrical job in Dunfermline, Fife

Job description

In 2012 we had a major extension built to current standards, using new technology e.g. LED lighting. The present task aims to bring the older (1960s) house up to commensurate standards. Interest and quotes requested.


Feedback for Powerit Electrical

Michal has become my 'go-to-man' for anything electrical. It started in July 2016 with re-wiring of light circuits in the old part of our house. Then we had a new shower installed which required an uprated power cable and fuse. The new extension has smoke and fire detectors so we wanted to install those everywhere. Some old circuits had wire fuses but we now have smart new unified switchboard protected by trips, RCDs and RCBOs. Finally, a condition report for the whole house.
Michal's on-line communication is excellent. When he makes gives a date and time he keeps it. His diagnostic ability astounds me. When confronted with a wring puzzle, how does anyone who does not know the property say "Did there used to be a door there?" Yes there did. And when he leaves to return the following day, he removes all his equipment.
I strongly recommend him. But you have to plan ahead to get the booking. Still as they say "If you want something done, ask a busy man to do it".