Refurbished cottage - painting work - Painting & Decorating job in Penzance, Cornwall

Job description

We are refurbishing an old cottage near Lamorna which has a large new addition. The house now needs painting and decorating throughout. Builders are currently on site, however much of the work could be started now. I am looking for a reliable experienced painter with good references to paint the entire property inside. Please contact me if you would be interested in quoting for the work. Thank you.


Feedback for Cornwall Decorators

Not a good end result from Shane and his team. Brand new plaster painted without being primed, as apprentice left unsupervised by him. My builder told him at the time that he was doing it wrong but he completely ignored him. This then had to be removed and redone. Quality of the rest of the work outstandingly bad. Wobbly lines, painted switches, Poor finish etc etc. I was away when the work was done and paid upfront before completion (never do this is my advice now). When I got back and saw the results i was horrified and when I wrote and complained (with pictures) he was very aggressively rude and denied responsibility. I wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole if you want a good job. There are many more better workmen available.

Cornwall Decorators's reply:

It’s a Shame this customer has decided to leave such feedback 19 months after the job was done. As always I was in constant contact with the client sending update reports with photos, as well as her weekly walk around with her builder via FaceTime on iPad so she could personally see all the work progress that week. Not once did the client say or contact me about any of the above issues, quite the contrary I have emails expressing how happy she is with the progress. All the walls were mist coated as is standard on all our new builds however the old cottage walls had severe damp in 3 places which I emailed the client to tell and stated this needed to be sorted and a dehumidifier brought in prior to painting as the cottage had stood derelict for a number of years with no roof so you can imagine how much water was in the walls. I received an email to tell me that this was not necessary and to paint the walls at once!! I still have all these emails to back this up. Also I never had an apprentice whilst this job was taking place it was just myself and another qualified experienced decorator on the job. We left the job after we had Finished what we had priced for and then received payment, we never received anything upfront as stated. It was at this time the client got nasty as she had decided to have wainscott put in and wanted us to paint it for no extra money. Finally I would like to draw your attention to all our excellent feedback from previous customers, and tradesmen beware