Small entrance & staircase walls plaster & paint - Plastering job in Rotherhithe, South London

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Re plastering;Now,the corners are cracking up.Floor trims,windows and doors was painted in a rush,without sanding or prep.Result was below all critics and we had to re-do it again afterw.Light switches were not removed b4 painting,thus the paint around them broke afterw.On numerous occasions we pointed out deficiencies/missed items and were constantly assured it’d be sorted. Seeing no impr.,we soon realized that there was little poss of a desired strd and started to plan on compl the job ourselves.On one wall the paint layer applied was much too thick and as a conseq the wall looked like a sand paper.He sanded it down, but damaged the plaster work. Since he was in a hurry and wanted to finish the job, he covered it up quietly with new plaster and painted the wall the same day when the plaster was still damp.The paint fell off immi when he disappeared.The result was terrible!!We’ll not use him. Didn’t show the right mentality/desire to leave the job with profes. result.

painting service's reply:

Customer buy cheap paint so not covered wall.Hi pay My 450 pounds for 5 days work and My friend work ther 2 days.Customer have look this job and say is ok.Im make mistake take this job.My money ther per day 45 pounds.No more.