L shaped loft conversion, dormer - Loft Conversions job in Walthamstow, East London

Job description

2 rooms and en suite required. Current 3 bed Victorian mid terrace. Dormer required No previous work carried out I'm property owner Looking for quote



Very sadly the worst experience I've ever had. The consequences have been very costly, very damaging to our relationships with neighbours and legally expensive.
The initial builders were excellent - however the project management and communication was incredibly poor and unprofessional - leading to CLL removing our neighbours chimney - it was never proactively followed up with professional support and we have had to deal with it ourselves legally and financially (costing £12k). The final support they offered was a trade specialising in chimney sweeping (no experience in the building regs of rebuilding a chimney)....we gave up after 9 months of trying to get them to help us. Additionally, many of the finishing trades were beyond bad; they attached extractor fan to a ceiling...we took it off and it was not plumbed in with no flue to outside! Experience 7 critical water leaks (water pouring inside walls). Very badly finished interiors.....but most of all, the lack of support and communication was something I would never expect to experience. Very stressful and negative period and hugely disappointed in all members of trades except carpenter and original builders of the loft itself.