Sunroom littleham road - Conservatories job in Exmouth, Devon

Job description

Hi there, I have a kind of lean-to/sunroom on the back of my house, which has a few issues that need addressing, including: leaking where the roof meets the back wall of the house (I've been told lead flashing needs to be added to remedy this), a pipe that blocks coming down from the bathroom (which I've been told needs re-routing), the building of a step, fascia boards that need replacing, a new door, and neatening up in general. I'd be grateful if you could come around the quote - I can be around most evenings after 4pm. Tomorrow would be ideal if you're available. I'm at work during the day and it's hard to answer my phone, so feel free to leave a message or call after 4pm. Thanks!


Feedback for Payne Building

Initially, I was impressed with a lot of the work Tom did for me - he painted the outside of my house very quickly, and patched up a leaking roof. However, after payment I noticed that one of the main things I had asked him to do had not been completed, and something else needed altering as it wasn't satisfactory. Tom said he had forgotten to complete the job, but would come round to sort it out. I'm sad to say it's been impossible to get him to come back to my house to complete the work - despite me leaving messages, texts, and making arrangements for him to come over (and then him not turning up). I'm left feeling really disappointed, frustrated and short-changed.

Payne Building's reply:

With respect i have to respond to this feedback as it is very inaccurate. The thing described as 'main things' was the leaking roof i had already repaired around the soil pipe (as the client said in feedback) but the client wanted some sort of fitting to adjoin the soil pipe to the perspex sheets on the conservatory which is not even possible and even suggested dressing flashing onto the perspex whichwas not possible. The thing that 'needed altering' was an additional after thought by the customer was of a fitting from the down pipe into a water container that are used for watering plants, i will apologise for is my lack of communication at the time but i had a few family problems going on and thought me and the customer had a understanding