Wooden floor needs repair - Hard Flooring job in East Grinstead, West Sussex

Job description

I work in an outbuilding, built 25 years ago. It has a 1 metre airspace under a wooden floor, which is itself 1 metre below ground level -- so it is built like a cellar, with a double layer of bricks and a waterproof layer between. One section (i.e. just inside the door) is covered with a doormat. Last week I stepped on the bit just behind the door and heard a slight crunch, and it felt like I'd put my foot through the floor -- or would have, if it hadn't been covered by the doormat.

I need this space to work in -- I'm a therapist and see clients there, so it needs to be both accessible and presentable. But I'm taking a week off in August, so that would be the perfect time to rip up the floor if necessary.

I'm hoping to interview a number of different builders within the next few weeks and get the work scheduled for August.


Feedback for woodfloor carpenter

Lance replied to my post quickly, showed up the next day and did the job there and then. Very efficient and professional, and a very reasonable fee. I'd definitely recommend him.