Disconnection of gas fire due to trapped bird - Gas Work job in Chigwell, Essex

Job description

I need to have a fitted living room gas fire disconnected and reconnected as there is a bird stuck in the chimney (possibly a pigeon) it is still living and currently walking along the top of the fire. If this can be removed too i would be grateful otherwise i can get RSPCA onsite along with yourself to catch the bird as you disconnect it

If possible could this be done in the evening after 6pm as i am currently going to hospital to visit my mother who is very ill


Feedback for Hydro gas ltd

I cant thank Richard and his son enough for they're prompt service and professionalism, they removed my gas fire quickly and safely to free what was actually a magpie that had fallen down the chimney.

Thank you very much guys and if I need any work done I will be in touch for sure.