New valleys - Roofing (Pitched) job in Wembley, Middlesex

Job description

The house has a new roof less than 1 year, company came from check a trade, and we have had non stop leakage. Asked another company from check a trade to fix the issue, still leaking! Need honest and realiable workmanship!


Feedback for Vintage Property Solutions UK LTD

We had our roof completed by another tradesman in August '15 (On top roofing&building-Sean Mahony-DO NOT HIRE).In Jan '16 our roof was leaking, we called 3 roofers who all said the same thing the roof is in a bad state,the roof hasn't completed 6 months and hearing that was a huge shock. I lost trust in any other builder and reviews,i came across Vintage Ltd on my builder,no way am i going back to Checkatrade.Martin accepted my request &called me right away,i explained every thing that had happened, and i told him i'm at a loss of who to turn to & trust.Martin said let me come & asses the roof and we will take it from there.Martin came that same week, kept me informed of when he was arriving via text message.Upon his arrival he was professional in his blue logo 'Vintage Ltd ' van and in the company's t -shirt too,good impression to start.He took out his ladder & went up on the roof,he started taking photos on his phone so he can show me the damage. He asked to come in the house to discuss his assessment,when he started to show me the photos i had such a big lump in my throat i had to hold back the tears.Martin even completed the assessment by going to the back garden to asses the roof and went in the loft too. To put a long story short, the entire roof needed to be re done! Martin is not cheap,but honestly the work & results speak for itself.I am so pleased with his professionalism & excellent communications throughout this job, which was a big job to begin.Martin THANK YOU.