Lighting circuit and radial circuit - Electrical job in Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Job description

Looking for an electrician who has immediate availability - for a somewhat straightforward job:

We bought an end of terrace (1900s) last year. Fairly recent electrics but old colours in cabling. 2x RCDs with 5 MCBs each (1 spare on each). CU in basement. Evidence of DIY work in the past. We are in the process of renovating the bedroom and putting a new floor down. The floorboards are waiting to go down - so access is completely open - which will make this job much easier. I started prepping but I have taken on a new contract in my work and cannot complete it as fast as our timescales allow.

We would like to replace the living room lighting circuit below the bedroom. Light switch is currently in the kitchen. We want a 2-way switch - one light switch by front door in living room and another at the door to the stairs. The living room has wall lights on own circuit (cables drop down to basement not up to bedroom) and we want these removed; the main light could re-use this MCB on a new circuit.

Work: - 2 x chases (one half complete and already drilled carefully behind coving) - 2 x pattress (one 25mm + one 35mm (suitable for lightwave)) - I have 2x single 2-way switches and a 25m reel of 1mm 3c&e pvc (if usable) - Replace rest of the cable (i found it trapped at one point between a floorboard and one joist - when i lifted the floorboards) and flex for the light fitting - may be old - may lack an earth at the fitting - not checked) - Remove cable from 3-gang lightswitch in kitchen replace switch with 2gang switch) - run circuit new from CU in basement? (pref.) or spur from existing light circuit. - remove wall light circuit - re-use MCB for main living room circuit? - make wall good - plaster only

A radial circuit or spur runs into the bedroom and around the room to 4 socket points (2 double, 2 single). The only live socket is a single by the bedroom door. I disconnected this and have removed all the older cable and have laid 2.5mm cable unattached to sockets (We were hoping to be able to start putting down the boards - but the lighting circuit is blocking us). A new radial circuit could be run from the CU into this room. Access to the cable runs from the basement are behind a piece of plasterboard in the kitchen which I have started to pull out.

Work: - Replace 2 x single pattress + sockets with doubles (i have one to use) - replace double sockets with new sockets - check my 2.5mm Prysmian cable runs or replace if necessary - (i have about 30m of a 50m roll of cable left) - add new double socket in hallway corner on this circuit if poss. or not at all. - run as new radial circuit to CU (need suitable MCB - have 2 spare but not sure of their amp.) (access will be made available to the cable runs)

We are looking for someone who has availability now if possible. Floorboards are up and one chase is almost ready. Access to all runs fairly good.

I work from home - so any day or weekend suits.


Feedback for DSA Electrical Installations

Djafar was polite and enthusiastic. We needed work done fairly immediately and he was kind enough to rearrange his time to make space for us - completing the work ahead of schedule. Djafar made safe an unused circuit and installed our circuits as we requested... he also assisted in helping to determine where two unknown circuits were going to. The work was completed in time and for a fair price too.
We'll definitely consider DSA Electrical Ltd for the next stages of our renovations.