3 beds semideth house :almost full internal renovation - Restoration & Refurbishment job in Enfield, Middlesex

Job description

I am having my house key within few days ( house in Enfield Town). If anyone interested about the job -I am free to meet upcoming Saturday or Sunday . Please do feel free to contact me ,I would like to start this renovation job ASAP ! I will be checking all references and previous work and all other papers !

**Front of the House: -Building the porch including VAT and materials -paint in front of the house -install front and back door Sensor lights -Rewire -Brick driveway paving

**Ground floor : -Knock down one walls ,take the wallpaper ,skim the walls and painting -install fireplace(electric!) -install spot lights, change the place one radiator and replace one radiator -install new kitchen ,install supporting lintel between kitchen and living room -change the place of the boiler, change distribution board plus certificate -create storage under the stairs and install washing machine the same place, install partition wall plus door ,door frame and skirting -close garden door and increase the window size and install new window -(take off all the old carpet ) Good Underlay and laminate floor ground floor and first floor (except bathroom and toilet) .

** Hallway : -take the wallpaper plaster the wall and new plaster, paint/install new handrail(Staircase)

**First floor : -all rooms take the wallpaper, remove ceiling tiles, plaster wear is necessary ,paint, change place on the socket install more socket ,replace lights switch and ceiling lights ,remove expansion vessel - Bathroom first floor ; Remove the tiles from the wall ,change the place on the radiator ,remove the ceiling décor ,tiling the floor ,and walls, install new bathroom ,new sink ,extract fan, tower rail ,paint ceiling and some walls. - Toilet ;Remove existing toilet and tiles ,floor tiling ,half wall tailing rest to be painted ,new toilet and sink +/-changing all doors and handles(8)!! **Skip **(Materials that I will buy: porch/fireplace/Boiler/kitchen /toilet /bathroom/lights/+-Doors )

Total price including Vat??

  • Added 29th May, 2016 : I sorry -I didn't mention . I am buying this house .

  • Added 30th May, 2016 : Sorry :-title of the job should have been : Semi -Detach House !


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He is one the nicest guy .
One of the reasons I hired him,because not only he is a good guy but also very knowledgeable about construction work .
He is very organised and also he got a very nice and friendly team around him.
He can advice you and help you with any kind of building works .
I am very delighted with his work .
You have a guarante with his work ,which is a bonace .
I would definitely recommend him to anyone,because he is reliable and honest and also ,he is very good at what he does.