Gas boiler & plubming? - Gas Work job in Catford, South London

Job description

I have a worcester Jr. 241 boiler which was installed 2 years ago.

I cannot get any hot water either through out the house. However, the central heating is working fine - for now.

I am not convinced the boiler is faulty.


Feedback for James Plumbing And Heating Services Ltd.

Recently experience suggested JGS's profile had been too modest. James was reliable, courteous, descent, genuine, honest, competent, knowledgeable and a professional. I have had problem with the hot water, the temperature fluctuates. James arrived and went straight to work. He turned on the hot water tap in the basin and hot water it came. The temperature remained unchanged after few minutes. Had it been other engineers whom I’ve had experienced of, they would asked to be paid and called it a day. James applied various methodologies testing different taps across the house after nearly ½ hour the problem had unmask itself. James diagnosed the problem, explained it to me (patiently) and provided me with solutions (apprx £600 to repair), not to his advantage might I add. He asked if my boiler was covered under warranty and I said yes. I was invited to contact the supplier so an engineer may be sent to repair the fault. He didn’t have to say anything other than ‘to fix the problem it will cost you xyz, would you like me to fix it now’?
Having dealt with cowboys in the past, James had been a pleasure to do business with. I would highly recommend him. I would add other service provider’s price may be more competitive but James and JGS is worth every penny take my word [or the other 104 customers]!
PS – I was charged £40 instead of the agreed £50…