Pipes moving and new wastes sorting - Plumbing job in Swadlincote, Derbyshire

Job description

Changing the layout of our bathroom so need the following work done.

Mainly first fix

Toilet - Hole cutting through wall then connect to soil pipe. Water supply pipe moving about 18 inches

Bath, Copper supply pipe moving 18inches. Bath waste, hole cutting in wall then run condensate pipe into this pipe.

Basin, additional pipes adding to existing pipework for hot and cold supply. Hole cut through wall for waste pipe.

Then when flooring has been replaced need price for second fix, connecting bath, basin, shower etc.

Tradesman must be qualified, and we need need a written guarantee.

Need work completing in next two weeks

  • Added 11th December, 2010 : External picture shows existing waste, the one shown on the bottom left, this needs extending by 700mm to the left and redoing in 40mm, this will then take the condensate and the new basin waste.

The soil pipe shown will need extending by 900.

Other pics show position of new basin (where the drill is standing) you will have to drill through a joist to get the feeds for the basing onto the pipes shown in the picture. The plastic elbows can be replaced with a plastic equal tee.

The other pic shows what will be the bath supply pipes, these will need cutting and routing through the joist and then extending by 600mm.

  • Added 11th December, 2010 : Also small copper pipe shown on wall will need fitting over the new waste, would also like a removable bung on end of waste (new basin side) so we can unblock pipe if any problems.



very poor,
hole drilled for soil pipe was a real mess, could have done better stitch drilling.
also mixed up hot + cold.
complete cowboy