Quote for electrical work and fwt - Electrical job in Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Job description

We recently had a Fixed Wired Test which identified a number of items to remediate. Below is a list of recommended services to produce a successful outcome of a retest. I can provide images of the full report on request.

Please could you provide a quote to complete these items (or any alternative recommendations), including a fixed wired test.

Services 1- Replace + upgrade consumer unit to 17th edition metal clad board.

Services 2 - Rewire the existing porch lighting circuit due to exposed live connections.

Services 3 - Due to undersized main cabling feeding the consumer unit and limited access to install new cables - we suggest installing the following.
-1 x 10mm earth cable to the distribution board from the MET.
-Install an inline 63amp fuse isolator due to main tails ru been over 2 meters -Install an inline 63 amp RCD unit due to main cables installed in walls under DB at a depth less than 50mm.

Services 4 - Install equipotential bonding to main gas and water incoming supplies.

Services 5 - Install required warning labels on the new consumer unit

Services 6 - Re terminate existing shower supply due to parts of earthing conductor cut off to enable cable to fit in earth sheathing. Cross polarity on shower circuit - Disconnect and reconnect correctly.

Services 7 - Remove all switches, sockets etc to correctly earth all metal clad front plates, currently not adequately earthed.

Services 8 - Carry out a thorough check of connections at light fittings / switches due to loose connections.

Services 9 - Socket below consumer - Rewire circuit due to no earth.


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Friendly and really helpful. Agreed to come do work on the weekend as I wasn't available and explained everything he did. Reasonably priced. Would use again.