Carpet fitting required for 1 room 20m2 - Carpet & Lino job in Twickenham, Middlesex

Job description

Carpet fitter required to fit a room of total 20m2, including a small space (less than 1m2) at top of stairs before the door into the room. Carpet (11mm), underlay (cloud 9), grippers and door strips provided.

Specifically; 1. Install gripper (total length 21m) 2. Place underlay 3. Fit carpet - total size 20m2 4. 1 join approx 1m In length required 5. 3 door covers/trips

See attached room measurements.

Room previously had laminated flooring with fibre sound board underlay. Laminated board removed but depending on max skirting gap required (to fit carpet), fitter to recommend to keep the sound board or not.

Carpet (4mx6.25m) and material being delivered on 28th April. So ready to start anytime (pref early morning or evening or Saturday).

  • Added 25th April, 2016 : Picture shows the main part of room measures 6m by 4m


Feedback for Valentin

Valentin was very accommodating when he can come and do the job. He was very quick to answer any questions. He turned up. He's experience was clear and did a great job. Highly recommended and would definitely use Valentin again.