Structural engineer and building regs - Architecture job in Newbury, Berkshire

Job description

We are selfbuilders and are about to start our second project. We need calculations for structure and building regs. We have architects drawings in cad for planning purposes stage. The project is in Compton, West Berkshire


Feedback for MJ Brain, Architectural Consultant.

We have hired Malcolm for building regs for new build. He seems a very knowledgeble and helpful however very soon we found out that he is not competent to do the job. There were constant delays and he ask to be paid before approved revison by us. Malcol introduced us to structural engineer who was not competent either and pull out from the job in the middle of foundation stage.
Malcol completed the drawings saying that it is ready for approval, we paid full amount and once submitted we recieved 4 A4 page document from Premier Guarantee with outstanding issues.
The whole experience was a disaster and cost us a lot of money. I suggest before hiring Malcolm ask to show you the most recent drawings and request reference. Do not agree to pay until building regs have been approved.

We found a company to produce the drawings for us at the end but it was a very stressful time. Hiring Malcolm was an expensive mistake for us.

Our experience was exactly the same as mybuilder member shazzy786 said in his negative feedback. I just wish I trusted shazzy786 rather then Malcolm. I would certainly not recommend Malcol to anybody.

MJ Brain, Architectural Consultant.'s reply:

Hysterical nonsense & untrue. The client hired me after reducing my fee & had already fallen out with an architect. I should have known better than to get involved.

I was given a house design, for the sloping site. I pointed out that there were no steps in the plan to allow for the large slope. Client declined my advice but later due to a large excavation quote, demanded immediate changes to the drawing, as work was starting. It was due to client's late changes that the Engineer left the job.

I provided drawings as per my Estimate. Client tried to ignore my Terms of Business. The Guarantee was not part of my remit.

My experience, quality of work, references & repeat business speaks for itself.

I am taking further action.