Bathroom in terrace house - fix leak in ceiling - Roofing job in Northampton, Northamptonshire

Job description

I have a tradition Victorian Terrace house with three upstairs rooms. The back room is the bathroom and has a sloping roof with no attic above.

There was an occasional leak through the plaster of the ceiling during rain which had stopped. Recently it started again and has also moved slightly into the room. The ceiling is cracked and discoloured.

The job would be to remove the damaged area where necessary, repair the leak and replaster the ceiling.

  • The following information was added Monday, 9th February, 2009 : I've just added a picture of the roof immediately above the leak area. Sorry for the quality of the picture, its the best I can do until the snow melts.


Feedback for amcbuild

We were very happy with Adam's work - it was completed on time and for the very reasonable price he quoted. We would be quite willing to deal with him in the future.