All round "tidy up" - Restoration & Refurbishment job in Folkestone, Kent

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    Restoration & Refurbishment
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Job description

  1. all radiators (10)require temperature controls and valve caps fitted 2.rectify any damp problems that are present (there is damp problem is an area that has already been addressed) 3.(remove all dimmer switches, wall lights) fire places are to be boarded and vented and the décor made good (Lounge) 5.provide an extractor fan, wired in to the light circuit and with an overrun of 15 minutes (Bathroom) 6. The light fitting should be in accordance with current IEE wiring regulations ((Sealed Bathroom Lights)) (Bathroom and shower room) 7. Ensure that the fan to the Shower room is in working order (Comes on with the light switch and overruns for 15 mins) 8. The doors providing the secure fire escape route need to have a thumb turn locks (Bedroom/hall doors 1,2 and 3 – 2x front access doors and rear door which is off bedroom two (rear middle)). 9. The ½ fire door to bedroom one has been compromised with a cat flap cut into the bottom of it, this will need to be replaced 10. All fire doors must have over head automatic door closers (only where this isn’t possible a ‘Perco’ (internall spring mounted door closer which is mortised into the hinge side of the door and connected to the frame) type door closer will be sufficient) 11.Intumescent strips must be fitted to all fire doors – Diner/hall – all bedrooms/hall (These are brush type smoke seal that are rebated into either the door on both sides and top or rebated into the frame). 12.Partition off the longe/dinning access double doors. Ensure that this partition will provide ½ hour fire protection minimum. (This will be required to provide a serile escape route from all bedrooms via the hall to the lounge and out of the front access door). 13.A heat detector will be required in the kitchen which is interlinked to the smoke detectors. 14. Smoke detector will be required to the dinning room (as central as possible) and the hall (directly above the dinning/hall door fitted to the ceiling). The heat and smoke detectors need to be interlinked with a battery backup (Interlinked – if one alarm sounds then they all sound) (Battery backup is required in the event of power loss) 15. An emergency light will be required in the hall. This must be linked to the electric and only come on if there is loss to the power supply. (This is required due to there being no access to natural light within the hall). and finally 1. Provide a valid Corgi Landlord Gas Safety Check Record 2. Provide a valid Electrical Installation Certificate or Domestic Periodic Inspection Report issued by a contractor approved by the NICEIC or the ECA 3. Provide a fire alarm installation/test certificate (also applicable for the heat and smoke detectors –


Feedback for PROFIX

In ONE word he is excellent!! John hung 2 fire doors and fitted smoke seals on 5 doors whilst also correcting a faulty door. His work is exemplary. When I need more work doing this is the first guy that I will be calling