4 gas safety certificates to be done in a row. - Gas Work job in Clapham Junction, South London

Job description

I need to arrange 4 gas safety certificates to be done by mid next week at the latest. The places are all within half a mile of eash other in SW11 Battersea and 2 of them are in the same street.

I will go around with you, to let you into each place and know the systems well. All are up to current standard. 2 have gas hobs as well. Apart from those two hobs, it's only the boilers that need certifying, there are no gas fireplaces etc.

I'm looking for a quote for as close to £200 as you can please. My regular plumber does them for this when doing them in a row like this, but I've had some trouble getting in touch with him and can't afford to miss the deadline to get them renewed.

The boilers are on a regular maintenance schedule with British Gas, so they're generally well maintained (I say generally because I know some of you don't like BG :-) .


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