Plan for rear double storey extension‏ - Architecture job in Watford, Hertfordshire

Job description


I am looking for a service for double storey extension of size 8*3 meter in the rear of my property. There is a minimum change in the existing house, and most of the work is just outside.



Feedback for NP Essex Structural Engineer

He has no planning permission knowledge. He took 30 days to present the initial floor design for a simple extension, took 33% money on first meeting. When he gave the single page design, I asked it requires 4 types of design not just one, then it said, I can buy 2 type from somewhere else, one more he can try to prepare, but need next 33%.

I asked him to give next 33% after planning approval as there was fully building regulation design, application, and approval was remaining.

Then he said he can't wait for the outcome of the planning permission, as his design won't get approved by council. When I asked the reason of rejection after preparing the design, in his own word in the email: "in my opinion it is very unlikely to achieve the permission for full width first floor extension."

When he prepared the initial design, I sent a mail:
"Hi Pirooz,

Can you see some of the minor amendments please? The main one is for the larger coverage of first floor, rest are just about windows.

Kind Regards,
Manish Kumar"

And he replied:
"Hi Manish

All is OK, but as discussed on site if we do the all width first floor extension, you will not have any window for the existing small bedroom. what do you think?


Do you think he mentioned anything that full coverage will have any risk of rejection? He prepared the design after his mail. I already filed complain with council, to get full email discussion, ask me at