Install kitchen, wood floor/carpet, re-plaster, etc - Restoration & Refurbishment job in Campden Hill, West London

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Feedback for Suburban Builders (UK) Ltd

COWBOY BUILDERS. We had a nightmare with these guys. We hired them because the person who originally came to quote the job seemed very knowledgeable (but no longer worked for them when they started the work). A week after starting the work, they went away for 3+ weeks without telling us - leaving us with an open exterior wall in the winter. They laid the foundation of our extension almost 1m less than the plans. They damaged our neighbour's brick wall costing over £500 to repair. They left an installed window unplastered on the outside and told us that they didn't have a plasterer to do the wall they agreed to plaster? Then when it came to look at material costs (after requesting a meeting with them for over 2 weeks, they tried to charge us for all their tools (wheelbarrow, screw drivers, drill bills, a drill....and even a random administration fee of £1000?). We contested all unreasonable expenses.We were threatened physically with harm by someone that said he was one of the owners and told that they would come and smash our building unless we agreed to pay every item they put on a ridiculous bill. We had to call the police. The police warned them that they were out of order and must stop. We paid all reasonable amounts as agreed (deducting these fabricated expenses) just to get rid of them. They agreed in the end.