Detached waste pipe and u-bend from sink and drainer - Plumbing job in Croydon, Surrey

Job description

I have a plastic kitchen sink with a vegetable drainer alongside it. The waste pipe from the drainer has become detached.The u bend underneath the main sink waste pipe has also become detached. The drainer has a "cup" with a thick rubber ring and then the plughole bit bits down from the top. It was leaking from underneath about a year ago so I sealed it with plumbers mate but now it's completely detached. The u-bend from the main sink came aprt as a result of the extra weight of the drainer pipe pulling on it. I can supply photos if neccessary. I am the property owner looking for a quality reliable tradesman for the right price. Please quote the full charge (if by the hour or for the job etc) vat with no hidden costs. Thank you.

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I had a detached waste pipe from my sink and the weight of the loose pipes had detached another joint further down the run. After seeing David's profile on MyBuilder I contacted him and he came around as soon as he was finished on the job he was currently on. After assessing the problem David explained that the plastic cup on the waste pipe had perished allowing the holding screw to fall through thereby detaching the pipe. He also noted that the original plumbing was incorrectly installed and that there was no 'P' trap where there should have been one. David went off to get the parts needed and on his return installed a new chrome cup to the waste pipe and fitted a 'P' trap under the sink. He also tidied up all of the pipework under the sink, removed all the rubbish and cleaned up leaving the place spotless. I honestly cannot fault his work, nor his attitude to work. David is prepared to go the extra mile to please his customers, is excellent value for money, and to top it off a really personable and pleasant chap. I highly recommend him.