Replace curved raidiator the same or alternative - Plumbing job in Ruislip, Middlesex

Job description

I have a bay window radiator and it is single and very old. The length is 240cm and height is 60cm. I would like to get this changed for either a double one (which I heard is very expensive) or potentially three 600 x 600 ones if possible. I need a solution to keep my bedroom warm.

There is room on both side of the radiator to put a longer one and also some space above the radiator to play with.

I can lift the carpet and get you easy access to the pipes.

Please let me know your suggestions and a price.


  • Added 26th October, 2010 : If the 3 600 X 600 are to be used they need to be double please. They will probably need a new thromostat too.