Move a gas meter - Gas Work job in Clapton, East London

Job description


I am a homeowner looking for a tradesman to do the following job. I have listed 2 options here and I would like a cost for each to help me decide which option to go ahead with. I'd like to resolve this very soon.

The problem is that my gas meter is preventing me from putting the washing machine under the stairs. I have two options to resolve this issue.

Option 1: Adjust / reinstall one flexi pipe on my gas meter so it no longer protrudes (this option will allow the washing machine door to swing open)

Option 2: Moving the gas meter 42cm - all pipe work above the floor. (this option gives me more flexibility but cost is a concern)

The pictures attached should help explain both options pretty clearly.

I'd like to get an understanding what each option will cost me so I can make a decision on which option to go ahead with.

Hopefully someone can help with this.


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Excellent. Fast response to my posting and completed the job next day! Great service and I'm very pleased.