Single storey annexe, bank removal, retaining wall, - Extensions job in Winkleigh, Devon

Job description

Demolish current lean to garage, remove bank and put up suitable retaining wall, lower drivway putting in surface drainage, build and fit/finish single storey annexe. Manage any/alll subcontracted areas, liaise with buildings inspector as and when required.


Feedback for DLD construction

Duncan, Luke and Dan do a good job, at the price quoted (including letting one know upfront about costs of any additional items - which we all add as a job progresses) and with an excellent customer focused attitude. The job was finished at the time we were told, and popping back to do odd bits of snagging was never made a fuss over. Sub contractors they employed to do electrics and plumbing were well managed and had the same positive customer focused attitude. They dealt with all suppliers, building inspector etc. avoiding any hassle for us.
Following the excellent result for this project we have lined up a number of others with them, and will be very happy to see their cheery faces back on site when time permits - always a snag with good workmen, they get booked up, so if you need anything doing don't hang about or you will find someone else has snapped them up.