Roof repair, internal plastering redecorating - Roofing job in Golders Green, North London

Job description

Jasmine plant has caused damage to roof causing water ingress into upstairs rear bedroom corner. Plaster has come down in ceiling corner and upper walls, revealing ceiling slats and brickwork. House built about 1910. There is damp continuing to extend with each bout of wet weather.

Precise places of water ingress and extent of problem needs to be assessed and quote required for full repairs.


Feedback for norbi

We are delighted and impressed by Norbert's accurate timing, precise estimate and the excellent way he manages his team of specialists. He is an excellent communicator, explaining to us what has to be done, why, his schedule of works and the precise cost of each part. He refused to accept any payment until he had finished the job and we were entirely happy.
The work was partly remedial where the neighbours had been negligent failing to maintain their climbing plants, their drains and guttering. Norbert replaced their drainage systems with a minimum of disturbance and cost, and sealed, replastered, ceiling skimmed and redecorated the rear ground floor and first floor rooms that had been water damaged. The quote was surprisingly reasonable and we consider him a top man, entirely reliable and trustworthy. We were happy to leave him and his team to get on with the work while we were away from the house. We thoroughly recommend him to any potential customer.