Doors windows and walls - Conversions - General job in Manningtree, Essex

Job description


There are 5 specific items jobs with a possible 1 more if you are able and or cost dependant.

1.) Install french doors entailing remove 1800wx1000h of cavity external wall, existing window and replace with new french doors. Lintel as existing. Make good internal plastering. 2.) Install new window entailing remove existing door and window, brick up 1000hx900w cavity wall, ie bottom half of door, and then install the new window across both openings. Again Lintel as existing. Brickwork to be keyed into existing. 3.) One small 1000hx630w window to install entailing remove old one and replace with new one. 4.) Brick up one internal door including all plastering. 5.) Remove a section of internal wall. Wall is light weight block. Opening is 2800 long, 1800 is half height and the remaining 1000 is full height, ie in elevation the opening is like a window with attached door. A lintel will need to be installed. The wall is non-loadbearing.

The lintel and the doors and windows are supplied as well as the external bricks and blocks. All other materials can readily be supplied.

The last job is a section of ceiling where the shower leaked in the past. The Artex has started to peel off in this area so there is a section to repair with a approx 600 square area of ceiling board which is mouldy/blackened so likely needing to be removed and replaced.

Weekend job is quite fine and I am more than happy to help.

  • Added 17th September, 2010 : Windows and door will be available from the 29th September so works to the external wall from then, the lintel is available with 1 day notice so is available any time basically. Need to complete work by end October, but would certainly like to do it sooner.


Feedback for Complete Building Solutions

Kaspars and his team did a great job. They did what they said they would, when they said they would, right from the first visit to quote, pricing, doing the work and completion. This same reliability cannot be said for most others.

When others "kicked the tyres", shook their heads and said it would cost extra to do it properly, there was non of that corner cutting with CBS.

The area was kept clean and tidy every day and the work to a high standard.

They were friendly and accommodating, their price was good, the guarantee was lengthy and I would have no hesitation in using them again or recommending them to others.