Roof felt worn causing water leakage in bedroom ceiling - Roofing job in Liskeard, Cornwall

Job description

I moved to Pensilva at the end of July 2015 and since the severe rainfall we had a few weeks ago, I noticed a patch of dark mould on my bedroom ceiling. A Surveyor stated this could be due to holes or worn roof felting. Woluld it be possible for you to contact me regarding tyhis with a view to a quote and subsequent repair please before the winter weather commences. Many thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing from you. Best regards Penny J. Charles.


Feedback for S&M Rooflines Southwest

Words fail me - even though the issue encountered was resolved, I remain wary of this company as the issue should never have occured in the first place. I feel that the roofers require further training in Health and Safety and customer relations.

S&M Rooflines Southwest's reply:

I'm very upset to hear that I got negative feedback from yourself penny. with the problem only being some roof batons on your drive with nails in. As you are well aware that they was a skip on your drive that was full. Yes I know the guys should of put them to the opposite side of the skip and that whould of been less of a hazard but at the same time that was the side next to the neighbor you/they didn't talk to. So like I said I'm disappointed in your negative feedback as this problem was solved instantly and the guys did extra work as a apology to you. I understand that you have a right to speak your mind but for something as pety as that after it being resolved is not a very nice thing to do. Thank you for your feedback.