Lots of odd jobs! - Handyman job in West Hendon, North London

Job description

We are looking to put our house on the market soon and need to give it a touch-up to keep it looking good for prospective buyers. We have LOTS of odd jobs doing ranging from small to large – looking for someone with wide range of skills who can do the lot over a few days. Jobs include:

Re-paint (and maybe plaster) over a few problem areas in the house
Tidy up around porch/entrance area
Replace freezer seal
Mend fitted cupboard door in kitchen and attach to fitted washing machine
Re-attach cupboard door in bathroom
Replace sealant around bath and kitchen sink
Install doorbell & extra smoke alarm
Fix light fitting in kitchen
Cut back 2 large trees in front driveway
Replace loft ladder
Put together large flat pack desk
And many others…


Feedback for Irimar

Irimar has a good team that work quickly. They did a fantastic job on the painting in my house plus a few other small jobs. There was some disruption to the house (I have 2 small children) which made things a bit difficult but as to be expected when work is being done. I would recommend them.