Re-roofing a shed 2m x 3m - Roofing (Flat) job in Leeds, West Yorkshire

Job description

I have a brick shed with a flat concrete roof. The concrete (or whatever it is) has a long crack in it. It needs some kind of sturdy waterproof covering across the whole roof. Also a vertical drainpipe needs installing: there is already a hole for the drainpipe.

The shed was formerly overgrown with ivy and I've just had the ivy removed. The former drainpipe was taken away when the ivy was removed.

The shed is in the back garden and access is reasonably straightforward. The shed adjoins the neighbour's shed (like a semi-detached house), and I want my half of the shed doing (the approx dimensions 2m x 3m are for my half). The neighbours have some kind of covering on their half, so the new covering on my half needs to overlap their covering in order to make a fully waterproof roof with no gap.

I am the owner of the property and I am actively looking for someone to perform this job.


Feedback for MR roofing and building

The job involved repairing the roof of a leaking shed and installing a drainpipe. Michael of MR Roofing was prompt in coming round to look at the job and sending a quotation. Later when I accepted the quotation, he was very quick to get the job done.