Re-position cooker supply - Gas Work job in Dursley, Gloucestershire

Job description

Cooker is currently on south wall of kitchen. The feed comes vertically down from a tee piece in the gas supply pipe directly below boiler upstairs in loft conversion. It is readily accessible. New supply pipe needs to go 2.7m to the corner and then 90 along west wall 3.5m. The pipe can then go through the ceiling directly to the new cooker position below. The kitchen wall is already channelled out so pipe can be embedded, kitchen is gutted around installation so unrestricted access. Access to the new pipe is then the eaves storage area which is unrestricted. A bayonet coupling is required on the end of the down pipe. Finally a hose will need fitting to the new oven, and all will need testing and certifying. There is no need to remove the old pipe. Oven is a JLFSMC613 John Lewis dual fuel made by AEG, user manual will be available. Prices required for doing job either supplying materials or installing with materials provided by myself.