Supply and fit a combi boiler - Gas Work job in Willenhall, West Midlands

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Feedback for Aaronton Heating, Plumbing and Gas

The job, when finally completed, was on the whole acceptable however the timescale and reliability of the service were dissatisfying. The fitter had a propensity to not turn up and not notify as such until late in the day. What was quoted as a two day job turned into 2 weeks and delayed further work leaving me with no heating and hot water for a coupke of days in the interim. Ensure you get committment from your fitter as to what their workload is like and aggreement to such things like payment and invoicing during and after the job.

Aaronton Heating, Plumbing and Gas's reply:

I think your comments are misleading. You where not living in the house, as it doesn't have any electricity or bathroom. I started on a thursday, half day friday. I went in all day on sunday and got the heating up and running. Then i finished the job on the wednesday because i was also fitting a disabled bathroom for a 89 year old women.