Wood flooring - Flooring job in Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Job description

Wood flooring required for lounge and hallway. Can be supply and install or install only. To be fitted end of October


Feedback for SBS carpentry and general building

Overall, the end product of Paul's work was to a high standard and Paul was very easy to communicate with. Paul did have to come back to repair part of the original work as the floor lifted a day after the job was completed due to not enough of an expansion gap being left for the flooring.
When I accepted Paul's quote he stated the work would take 5 days. It ended up only taking 3 full day's equivalent work so I don't feel I got great value for money. If I'd known the work would take 3 days then, at the price quoted, I would have looked to get additional quotes. In the end Paul did agree to reduce the price by £100

SBS carpentry and general building's reply:

I can honestly say I have never quoted a job and had a price agreed and then when it comes to final payment have a customer try and haggle as much as this. I priced the job for everything, labour,materials etc and this price was agreed.Knowing this was a customers front room with little children I didn't want to leave the job to drag on so got the work completed as quickly as possible to as high a standard as possible to minimalise disruption to the family area.When a customer agrees a price that's the price no matter if it takes 3 days or 30 days.Be interesting to know if the job took 2 weeks would it be okay for me to charge more than an agreed price? Can't please everybody all of the time no matter how hard or generously you try.