Skimming artex ceiling - Plastering job in Reading, Berkshire

Job description

Quotation needed for plaster it job - skim artex ceiling and walls


Feedback for LFS Plastering

OMG don't know from where to start... Never ever again!!! This man absolutely destroyed my please,I had to buy electric sander and used 80 grid paper to rub down every single corner and all edges it was so so bad it took me a week to sand everything down dust was everywhere...
I've send an email which pictures (pva soaked through the plaster and it's impossible to paint it over need to buy special paint to cover stains) attached and asked to come and sort everything out never received any replay.
When pointed that job is done not up to the standard his excuse was" you expecting to have new walls over artex" no I expected professional job complete by the professional (he claimed 10 years experience) up to the standard.Everything was done in mad rush , he found 100 and one excuse not to complete the job ,family issues ,health problems: his daughter was sick when after few days his colleague and eventually himself.Very Very disappointed he put a massive strain on my family, I'm considering taking legal action against this man

LFS Plastering's reply:

From the outset he was difficult,his wife was apologising for his poor attitude and was extremely embarrassed with the way we were being treated.Everything was done on a budget as he could not afford what we suggested.Extra work requested which we happily undertook FREE due to his financial issues.He had decided to rip the dado rail from the wall, taking off the fresh plaster,resulting in us having to patch in to the best we could.During our time at the property,we had to work around him as he was messing with the plumbing.This is what we believe has led to wet patches.The basis of his negative feedback.As Victor probably has no one to blame but himself,he is looking for a scape goat to make money from, and we are that scape goat.