2 bed flat bethnal green, looking to modify & upgrade - Architecture job in Bethnal Green, East London

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Feedback for ID STUDIO 17

Used ID Studio to draw up plans and then to PM the work, this was a complete strip out of a 2 bed flat and then to completely refurbish with high end interior. Lot of challenges, not much room but wanted more, pocket doors added and made a lot of difference to kitchen and bathroom. Since we lived 2 hours away we needed someone to help with our ideas and then make it a reality.
We are very pleased with the final outcome, Niamh helped us understand things, offered alternatives and showed us what might work that we had not thought of. We made all final decisions and we had a few hiccups as you can imagine but it was manageable and more changes to what the Contractor was doing.

Would highly recommend ID Studio17, very flexible, fixed prices at the beginning and everything stayed on cost.